Museum of Broadcast Communications : Chicago Wedding Venue

The Museum of Broadcast Communications is a wonderful venue for a modern Chicago city wedding. The features and exhibits that your guests can view during cocktail hour definitely make the museum feel like a unique, Chicago experience. The museum can also accommodate a medium-large sized wedding. The event area is huge and a blank canvas when you decide how you’d like to lay out your ceremony and reception decor.

Check out some Museum of Broadcast Communications wedding photos by Steve Koo Photography:

museum-broadcast-communications-chicago-1 museum-broadcast-communications-chicago-2 museum-broadcast-communications-chicago-3

This is a series of posts highlighting a few of my favorite Chicago wedding venues. For more information, check out the Museum of Broadcast Communications website, or contact Steve Koo Photography. Steve Koo is a Chicago wedding photographer who wants you to have fun at your wedding! He specializes in modern, nontraditional wedding photojournalism. Read more about Steve Koo in his bio here.

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