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The Modern Wing of the Art Institute is one of my favorite places in Chicago. I’ve spent countless afternoons wandering through the halls of the museum and looking around at all of the exhibits. It’s inspiring, exciting, and relaxing all at the same time for me, and if I lived near here, I would probably never get anything done. It goes without saying that I’m thrilled whenever I have the opportunity to shoot at the Modern Wing of the Art Institute. Weather permitting, the rooftop is perfect for a cocktail hour and your guests can view the city’s skyline. Set in the heart of downtown Chicago and just steps from Millennium Park, the space is perfect for a contemporary wedding!

Check out some Modern Wing of the Art Institute wedding photos by Steve Koo Photography:

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This is a series of posts highlighting a few of my favorite Chicago wedding venues. For more information, check out the Modern Wing of the Art Institute, or contact Steve Koo Photography. Steve Koo is a Chicago wedding photographer who wants you to have fun at your wedding! He specializes in contemporary, nontraditional wedding photojournalism. Read more about Steve Koo in his bio here.

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