Chicago Museum Campus Engagement Photos : Chelsea and Pat

Sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate. We had managed to coordinate three busy schedules when Chelsea, Pat, and I met for their engagement session at Chicago’s museum campus. The winds coming off the lake were so strong that we could barely even hear other while we were talking! We braved the area for a few photos before retreating a bit further from the lake. The winds were still fierce, but we were able to make it work with a mixture of patience and shielding ourselves by walls and trees. I had such a great time working with Chelsea and Pat and can’t wait to do it again on their wedding day!

chicago-museum-campus-engagement-photo-01 chicago-museum-campus-engagement-photo-02 field museum engagement photo chicago-museum-campus-engagement-photo-04 chicago-museum-campus-engagement-photo-05 chicago-museum-campus-engagement-photo-06 chicago-museum-campus-engagement-photo-07

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