Carolyn, Dan, Two Cats, A Turtle, and Pizza

Carolyn and Dan are getting married this year at Salvage One. Rather than doing a conventional engagement session, they invited me over one evening to hang out with them at their lovely home.

Carolyn and Dan have two super-friendly cats.


They have a turtle, named Turtle. He bobbed his head out of the water whenever someone came up to him!


And, they have fantastic taste in TV and movies.


After I was introduced to all of the animals, Carolyn and Dan finished up their wedding invitations:


Once the last of the wedding invitations were done, we went into the kitchen to make pizza!


And then they fed me pizza!


The pizza was delicious, in case you were curious. Congratulations, Carolyn and Dan; I can’t wait for your wedding!

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  1. awesome. love this idea! and the photos look great.

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